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Our alcohol rehab centers in New York will provide you with a personalized treatment plan that is not only effective …

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Brooklyn

Struggling with alcohol addiction?

When it comes to recovering from alcohol addiction, you need to understand just two simple truths, before you begin this journey: one, even if you are an alcoholic, you needn’t be ashamed of yourself. There are many people suffering from this disease, just as you do. And two, you CAN regain your life back!

Retake the control over your life

Oasis alcohol rehab center will provide the best possible conditions for overcoming your alcohol addiction:

  • First of all, you will receive a special, individualized treatment program, created to suit your specific needs and situation.
  • Our rehab center also, provides a team of highly educated and dedicated doctors, psychiatrists and clinical staff, specialized in treating the alcohol addiction.
  • We organize individual, as well as a group therapy.
  • We provide a holistic approach to all of our clients, meaning that you won’t be just ‘subjected’ to the treatment, but you will play the most significant and active role in your own recovery.
  • We will help you re-build a healthy, new life style (such as healthy nutrition and exercise).
  • Counseling and engaging of the whole family is vital for success.
  • We provide a lot of recreational activities, music and art therapy; even chiropractic and massage treatment.
  • We always have our staff on call, available 24/7

We completely understand your concerns; but, here, at Oasis, you will find that we do not judge people for having problems with alcohol. We treat all of our clients with the respect, dignity and discretion they deserve. And always keep in mind – everyone deserves a new chance!

It not uncommon that the addiction originates from some sort of physical or emotional trauma and very often alcohol addiction is combined with various other dependencies, such as gambling, sex addiction, eating disorder… So, it’s not always simple bad life-decision making that resulted in alcohol dependency. We have seen and helped in such cases when people were simply pushed into becoming alcoholics.

Seeing that alcohol addiction affects literally every part of a person’s self and his entire life; that it is both, body and mind consuming; that it is often combined with other habit disorders, the rehabilitation from alcoholism requires professional treatment and care on every level, physical, as well as emotional and mental.

We use EMDR therapy, anger management, individual, group and spiritual counseling; behavioral therapy. Our professional therapists will guide you on your path of, first detoxifying, and then facing with the root of it all.

In our practice we use non-intrusive, natural and active methods in treatment of alcohol addiction. We teach our patients the benefits of healthy nutrition and exercise, and provide various fitness programs, which include Yoga, meditation sessions and Thai-chi. All these methods are proven to help in achieving the inner peace, balance and strength to overcome the addiction, ensuring that you stay sober permanently.

Yes, permanently. It is possible, you see. Our practice doesn’t just treat your physical being, but the emotional and mental as well. By helping you understand and incorporate new, more creative and healthier habits, and more positive outlook on life; by treating the problem in its underlying root – you will never again have the need for alcohol! You will be able to, once again, fully enjoy and appreciate your life and the people around you.

Did you know that 1.8 million of deaths in the world are the direct consequence of the alcohol abuse?! That 58.3 million people are condemned to a life with disability as a result of some alcohol-related driving accident?! Well, you certainly don’t want to join those numbers, do you?

You are just one call away from completely regaining your life back! Wouldn’t it feel great?!

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