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Our alcohol rehab centers in New York will provide you with a personalized treatment plan that is not only effective …

About Us

We are a treatment center with the experience and staff to get you clean no matter where your addiction has brought you. Your program starts the minute you pick up the phone and call to speak with one of our trained counselors who will help you feel confident in your decision.

Most of our staff knows where you have been first hand, and are here to help you the whole way. We won;t judge you in any way, instead will make sure you are comfortable and feel liek you are at home getting the care and support that you deserve.

You can be yourself without having to worry about what people are thinking of you. This is your time to center yourself and find out who you really are. Our certified and licensed psychology team is going to give you the tools and the comfort you need to discover why you are struggling with addiction and then give you the tools you need to never look back again.

Please don’t delay another day, or find more reasons why you shouldn’t call. Pick up the phone and you will be immediately connected with someone who cares about your situation and has the ability to help.

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