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Our alcohol rehab centers in New York will provide you with a personalized treatment plan that is not only effective …

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Albany

Are you ready to reclaim your life back from the jaws of alcohol?

Here, at Oasis rehab center, you will find a safe haven, where no one will criticize or look down on you for having problems with alcohol addiction. Our sole mission is to help you overcome this, not at all naïve disease, which affects everyone!

You have suffered from the alcohol menace long enough! It is now time to take things into your own hands and deal with it, once and for all!

Don’t settle for less; you KNOW you deserve the best!

As you can see, we use holistic approach in our treatment of alcohol addiction, which has proven to be the most effective treatment. So far, we were able to help thousands of people with this problem and you are welcome to check some of the testimonials of our clients.

There’s no need for you to go through this alone. It’s not a simple or easy task, we understand. It takes immense amount of courage, will and determination and we can’t but admire you for it, once you’ve come to our doorstep! All you need to do is call us – we’re on call 24/7 and you can reach us at (718) 407-0811.

Seeing that you’ve already decided to, once again, reclaim your life, we will put at your disposal our best methods, techniques; our best physicians, psychiatrists and clinical staff. We will create for you an individualized treatment, which best suits your needs and situation, because each alcohol addiction requires to be treated differently.

It is vital to treat the underlying cause of addiction, rather than the sole consequence and to treat the addiction on every level – first, physical, and then emotional and mental.

Alcohol addiction is often accompanied with various other addictions or disorders, and even more often – it is a direct result of some deep trauma in life. Only, by addressing the problem in its root, will you be able to maintain the strength to stay sober for life! And that’s exactly what we do through our individual and group therapy sessions.

Creating the positive, understanding and caring environment for a person struggling with alcohol dependency is a sure way to secure that the person has enough strength, when the cravings for alcohol become unbearable. This also, significantly reduces the relapse situations from occurring. That’s why, including the family into this process of healing is vital in overcoming any addiction.

Apart from our medical treatment, we will help you understand and create a new set of healthier habits – from nutrition to exercise. Our rehab program includes active participation in various recreational activities. We also provide to each of our clients the possibility to take part in some of our alternative methods – from spiritual counseling, music or Art therapy, massage sessions…

If you’re still not sure, then just – Think about it, haven’t you wasted enough of your life already? And on what? Was it worth it?

Whatever your answer may be, if you DO choose to finally conquer this ever-growing menace of today’s society, you will always find support and a friendly hand at Oasis!

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