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Our alcohol rehab centers in New York will provide you with a personalized treatment plan that is not only effective …

How Does Our Program Work

Your First Steps

Your journey to sobriety will assist the help of our team of medical experts, who are devoted to your sobriety as soon as you walk in the Oasis building.

Medical Assessment

To learn the deep-seated issues that are causing your dependency on drugs and alcohol, you will be working hand in hand with a doctor to come up with a recovery system that works for you. Your withdrawal process will be dealt with by a team of medical experts

Here we understand that your reasons for addiction are dependent upon complex mental health disorders. Your stay with us at Oasis will bring you a support system that uses the help of therapists, doctors, counselors, and administrative staff to guide you on your path to recovery. This group of supporters will commit themselves to giving you the proper programs needed for your situation at any given time.

Your stay here will be very unique. As your treatment plan progresses, so will the programs you are enrolled in. We believe that detoxing is a serious matter. You will be in good hands during the detox program, because it is watched over by expert medical staff. Nurses are on site at all times to give you the help you need.

Your Detox Process Handled Safely

This step in the recovery system is critical to the beginning stages of sobriety, but many people often don’t wish to continue treatment due to the withdrawal challenges Many people dread the process of going through withdrawal and want to know what’s going to happen. A detrimental amount of drug or alcohol abuse can lead to critical health factors which need the instant help of a doctor. Every client is supervised 24/7 by caring experts. Some patients securely receive nutrients and non-addictive medicine to manage symptoms of withdrawal. A patient’s longetivity of withdrawal relies on how severe their health condition is.

During this process, the experts who are treating you might restrict connections with your loved ones It will be an advantage to you to be devoted to your detox instead of concentrating on people in the outside world.

Participating In Treatment Recovery

To guarantee your commitment to rehab, it is strongly suggested for you to join some of the treatment services while you are finishing with detox. You might enjoy joining group therapy sessions or attending counseling alone. Take this time to connect with others in the facility who are dealing with the same issues.

Starting Treatment

Your journey to sobriety begins here. You will feel healthier than you ever thought possible during this time, but you are not quite healed yet. The detoxification process helps remove your physical addiction to drugs and alcohol, and the rehab treatment sets a pathway for you to remain sober after you leave. You now have imperative tools to deal with stress, attend family therapy, and prevent relapse in the future.

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